Quickly crochet magical applications. Fastened with a safety pin, the little hearts become an absolute eye-catching. Alternatively, use the little hearts as cute decorative confetti or as a pendant to embellish your gifts.


• crochet hook
• cotton yarn
• embroidery scissors
• embroider needle

crochet instructions

The heart is crocheted in 1 round. Start with a loop of yarn. Ch st 2, then 1 dc, 3 tr and 4 dc into the loop of yarn. Pull the ring together. One tr for the tip, then ch st 2 and close with 1 sl st. The opposite site is worked in reverse order. 4 dc, 3 tr, 1 dc, 2 ch st and close with 1 sl st. Cut of the threads, pull through and sew the ends together.