Quickly crochet practical oven cloth. Suitable for beginners.


• crochet hook
• cotton yarn
• embroidery scissors
• embroider needle

crochet instructions

Cast 15 small meshes in color 1 and close with a chain stitch to the ring. Start all other rows with an air mesh.
1st row: Work seven tight stitches in the air mesh ring. Work in the following rows of fixed loops, working in the back loop of the previous row of fixed loops and working for the increments in each row in the middle knit three fixed loops each. In each case always two rows in the colors 1, 2 and 3 work.
Repeat six times all colors, then crochet the side potholder edges and the hanger with a series of tight stitches in color 3.
2. Second oven cloth work as well.