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Our current recommendation:


40 g butter

150 g creme fraiche

110 g powdered sugar

1 small bottle butter-vanilla-flavour

Chocolate icing

Cake pastry 



You bake the pastry of a cake - you can choose which you like (e. g. chocolate cake). At the same time you prepare a creamy frosting containing butter, crème fraiche, powdered sugar and butter-vanilla- flavour. Take the cake out of the oven, let it cool down and remove the bark. Crumble the cake into a bowl and mix it with the frosting. Form little round-shaped balls out of the pastry and put them into the fridge for approx. 30 minutes. Melt the chocolate icing and dip the Cake-Pop-Sticks approx. 1 cm into it. Now spear the Cake-Pop-Balls approx. until the middle of the ball. Dip the Cake-Pops into the icing and decorate it with colorful crumble as you desire.