The wenco haberdashery product range provides more than 1,000 articles from A to Z 

for maximum product diversity for all areas of creative handcraft. Everything you need, whether for sewing, crochet or knitting. Closing or beautifying, for example, with patches and trendy applications – the products have a high affinity to target groups and product ranges, appealing and emotional. 


There is a high level of brand awareness and new haberdashery trends are particularly attractively staged at the POS, for example colour accents & topic concepts.


• Different sewing needles for sewing, darning or embroidering

• Different yarns in more than 30 colours, e.g. upper yarns, all-round sewing threads
   or extra-thick yarn for particularly robust seams 

• Attractive POS solutions, yarn display with images

• Special scissors for cutting, embroidering and for universal use

• Practical little helpers such as needle threaders, seam separators, travel sewing kits etc.


Crochet & knitting

• Yarn & wool crochet needles of different thicknesses

• Sock knitting needles and high-quality bamboo knitting needles

• Jacket knitting needles of different thicknesses

• Round knitting needles in lengths 60 cm, 80 cm and 100 cm of different thicknesses 

• Attractive knitting kits


Closures & support

• Shoe laces from 45 cm to 180 cm for business, leisure 

   and sports made from pure cotton – made in Germany

• Extensive selection of buttons – from playful children’s buttons, to serious suit buttons

• More than 200 different zips in different colours, materials and lengths

• Shoulder pads for a perfectly-shaped silhouette

• Rubber strands for various applications

• Bra extensions to provide a perfect fit

• Braces for an optimum hold