Baking is a major topic in the kitchen, and therefore new baking ideas and innovative utensils are continually in demand. Furthermore, great value is placed on the decoration of tarts and cakes. 


Creative baking with wenco

With their diverse baking product range, wenco provides everything you could ask for. Whether classics such as ring cake forms, spring cake tins, Königskuchen (soft cake) tins, cake base trays, cutters, for example for Christmas biscuits or current trends such as trays for pralines, muffins – even heart-shaped as an emotionally-loaded article, especially created for a female target group.


wenco continually has their finger on the pulse of product range development and expansion. Therefore the creativity of the products know no bounds, for example piping bags with a stainless steel star-shaped nozzle for toppings and frostings. For the current trend in cupcakes and for decorating tarts, desserts and other dishes.