Whether children’s birthdays, cocktail or carnival parties – party articles such as balloons, streamers, confetti, party hats, party cocktail sticks and garlands simply belong in the mix. And what would a birthday cake be without candles to blow out? Fabulous long-drinks and cocktails can be decorated with cocktail umbrellas and straws. Particularly practical for the next barbeque, for example, are plastic cups and plates – especially if more guests appear than expected.


Our high-revenue party product range:

• Is “for any age”

• Appealing to both genders

• Includes fast movers and real innovations 

• Provides products for birthday parties and other occasions 

   such as anniversaries, passed exams or “girls’ evenings”


The perfect party look

• Animates people to party

• Colourful and lively appearance

• Party = colourful and joie de vivre

• Legible article description

• Unisex design

• White background: The products have a full effect

• Eye-catching offer of a reward


Atmospheric candles

Furthermore, wenco provides a wide candle product range from candle trays to scented candles in diverse colours, shapes & scents for every taste.

Quality – essential to the candle product range, for example, stearin candles:
made from 100 % high-quality stearin

• Traditionally handcrafted

• Made from 100 % plant-based and therefore renewable raw materials

• In comparison to paraffin candles:  Harder and less soot generation

• Higher shape stability under the influence of heat and a longer burning duration